In addition to the day-to-day administration of the Civic Society the Executive Committee also has responsibility for the following activities .
    Promote civic pride in the area.
    Promote research into subjects directly connected with the objects of the Society and to publish the results of any such research.
    Act as a co-ordinating body and to co-operate with the local authorities, planning committees, and all other statutory authorities, voluntary organisations, charities and persons having aims similar to those of the Society.
    Promote, or assist in promoting, activities of a charitable nature throughout the area.
    Publish papers, reports and other literature.
    • Make surveys and prepare maps and plans and collect information in relation to any place, erection or building of beauty or historic interest within the area.
    Hold meetings, lectures and exhibitions
    The Committee Members are:
    Philip Riden – Chairman
    Frank Gorman – Secretary and Treasurer
    Janet Murphy
Hugh QuigleyHoward Borrell
    Darrell Clarke
    Philip Cousins


    • All affiliated societies also have a representative who is a full committee member .


Page last updated 20 April 2022.