Bar 35 Stephenson Place

Chesterfield and District Civic Society


Civic Society condemns ‘unauthorised’ sign on town centre bar

Chesterfield and District Civic Society is unhappy that a town centre micro-pub has erected a brightly lit sign over its entrance in breach of planning rules. It has asked the Borough Council to insist that it be taken down.

Last year the council granted planning permission to convert 35 Stephenson Place into a micro-pub, but told the operator that a separate application must be made to put up a sign. Despite this, a sign was erected and the operator is now seeking retrospective planning consent for it to stay.

The Civic Society considers that the design, size and brightness of the sign make it unsuitable for the Edwardian shop on which it has been installed, which stands within the town centre conservation area. It is equally unhappy that it has been put up without consent. ‘There is little point in Parliament making regulations for the control of advertisements, or local authorities trying to enforce them’, comments the society’s chairman, Philip Riden,‘ if property owners are allowed to ignore the rules with impunity’.