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Our 2021 annual general meeting (AGM). Presiding is our Chairman Philip Riden (left), with our secretary Frank Gorman. (right). We elect our committee and officers at the AGM, usually ending the evening with a guest speaker. There may be occasional meetings during the year on topics of current interest to the society. Membership of the society can be as active or passive as you wish.

The Civic Society has a voice throughout the area on a range of matters. As a member you will have an opportunity to be directly involved with influencing the powers that be.

Membership also enables you to celebrate the heritage and physical environment, to introduce new ideas and to participate in the debates concerning the key issues affecting the whole of Chesterfield and the surrounding area.


The Chesterfield and District Civic Society is your society. We are made up of people who want to influence the future of the area and who respect and value our past. Membership of the Society can be as active or passive as you wish. We are very grateful for your financial support.

As a member of the Chesterfield and District Civic Society you will join like-minded individuals who wish to make a positive contribution to the heritage and physical environment of the town.

Please note that the society does not operate a regular meetings programme. We prefer to focus any meetings, additional to the AGM, on current topics of interest to the society. All members receive a newsletter every two to three months or so. This looks at current planning and civic matters in the locality. For a sample newsletter see here.

The membership fees are as follows:

£7.50                 £10.00               £15.00       £25.00
Under 25        Individual        Family       Corporate

If you would like to join us , either contact our secretary, or alternatively, you can download the membership form from the link below.

We ask for only the minimum amount of information to enable us to respond to you. Although this is not encrypted on transmission the risk of snooping by a third party is the same as that that involved in sending an email.

Page last updated 23 February 2022.