Planned Demolition of The Shrubberies , Newbold Road .


The Civic Society has a long record of making submissions to the Borough Council on planning applications, especially where the demolition of older buildings is involved. One such issue which is current at the moment is the future of the large early Victorian house at 46 Newbold Road (The Shrubberies). This was until recently used by the National Heath Service, and the local Health Authority wish to demolish the house and sell the entire site for new houses. The Civic Society feels that, if possible, the original house should be retained, and a smaller portion of the very large garden belonging to The Shrubberies used for new building.


 A copy of the letter sent to the Council Planning and Development Manager can be read here .


Click here  to read a short history of The Shrubberies compiled by the Civic Society .

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