Rethinking Chesterfield town centre

We’ve made available some of our thoughts on issues facing Chesterfield town centre. These were originally published in the run-up to a well-attended public meeting we held back in February 2023. We’ve slightly edited these, but think they still represent a good starting point on looking at and identifying the issues facing our town centre. You might also like to take a look at the March 2024 Derbyshire Times article on ‘Transforming our town centre’ that we contributed to.

Some of our thoughts on rethinking Chesterfield town centre have now been brought together on one website page – which you access here.

On 27th February 2023 we held a well-attended meeting to look at present and future options for rethinking Chesterfield town centre. The meeting attracted a wide cross-section of local people. It included a series of presentations from Chesterfield Borough Council officers, on the various town centre initiatives being pursued, followed by a question and answer session.

In the run-up to this meeting we published a short series of posts which looked at the issues facing town and city centre shopping throughout the country – for in many respects the decline of retail in Chesterfield is not unique. We also suggested some issues that might want addressing.

We have brought together these articles on this part of our website as we feel they still have relevance to the future of Chesterfield town centre. Some of the points raised in them also represent unfinished and unresolved issues.

The society continues to think about these issues and ways to address them.

A busy Low Pavement in 1974. Nostalgia for the past is not going to forge a future for todays’ town centre. There was once no out-of-town or internet shopping and large numbers of employees could be expected to visit the town centre from nearby workplaces. (Philip Cousins).

This post was edited on 31 March 2024 to update links.


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