Two guides published as only 10 days to go for Heritage Open Days 2022

With only some ten days to go before 2022’s Heritage Open Days (HODs) the Civic Society now have two handy guides for local people to find out more about the event and the properties taking part.

The Society’s recently published handy guide to the properties involved in events during the period 10 to 18 September is still available to download and now from the Chesterfield Visitor Information Centre, and it’s been joined by a short historical guide to the properties involved.

Our historical guide to the properties taking part in 2022’s Chesterfield HODs is now available to download.

This new historical guide is only available to download from the Society’s HODs website. It’s been prepared by our chairman Philip Riden to give a brief overview of each property as, hopefully, a precursor to an article in the Derbyshire Times about HODs.

We hope that the two guides will encourage as many local people to join in the HODs events, which are all free.

Whilst the Civic Society have co-ordinated HODs this year, it’s the volunteers at each facility that are enabling the wide-range of events to happen, when compared to some of the previous years, even pre-Covid. So we hope as many people as possible will support the events.

The historical notes leaflet joins our recently published handy guide. The two free leaflets should help visitors enjoy HODs 2022 in Chesterfield.

2 responses to “Two guides published as only 10 days to go for Heritage Open Days 2022”

  1. Unless my aging eyesight has finally failed completely I couldn’t find any mention of Tapton House on your list of Heritage Open Days.
    Is that now a victim of historical purging which the Chesterfield Borough Council and others are so fond of?

    • Your eyesight does not deceive you, but it’s worth pointing out that Tapton House has never, as far as we can remember, been open as a Heritage Open Days (HODs) event. However, CBC have opened two other venues this year.

      We have coordinated events for HODs this year, which has involved encouraging properties to open and assisting where necessary. We have also produced some local publicity. We don’t, therefore, have any control over exactly what properties are open. We’d like to see more properties open next year.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment. We hope you’ll be able to support at least some of the properties and events involved in HODs 2022.

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