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  • Start needed on Brampton Manor plans to reduce arson risk

    We are obviously concerned about security and vandalism issues at the now empty Brampton Manor. Parts of the premises are a Scheduled Ancient Monument and Grade II* listed. They are therefore of regional and indeed national importance. You can read about a recent arson attack in this Derbyshire Times report.  Fortunately the latest vandalism attack […]

  • Heritage Open Days – local list now available

    We’ve updated our Heritage Open Days website page with a list of properties in the Chesterfield area currently taking part in the September event. There are links to more detailed descriptions of the various site activities, dates, etc. and whether you’ll need to book. In addition to those already taking part, we understand that Chesterfield […]

  • Crow Lane closure and Chatsworth Road cycle track: local residents’ last chance to object

    Derbyshire County Council have (on 30 June) announced a consultation exercise on three aspects of their proposed east–west cycle route across Chesterfield, all of which require authorisation under secondary legislation. This is probably the last chance that local residents who disagree with these proposals will have to object. The three aspects are: (a) the closure […]

  • Hurst House – eight years and still waiting

    It is eight years Hurst House closed as a community education centre and five years since the Civic Society first complained to the Charity Commission about the negligent misconduct of Derbyshire County Council as sole trustee of the charity which owns the property. We’ve previously highlighted what we believe is a scandal (this post is […]

  • Tapton House: progress at last

    Whilst our views will not be favoured by some members of the local community  the Civic Society committee has welcomed the news that the Borough Council is to offer Tapton House and its immediate grounds (but not the park or golf course) for sale on a 999-year lease. This is after two years of trying […]

  • Heritage Open Day Progress

    We are making some progress in approaching various properties in the Chesterfield area who might open as part of 2022’s Heritage Open Days, which is between 9-18 September 2022. We hope to issue further information in the coming weeks. The civic society is a local coordinator for the event. We are helping promote and organise […]

  • Time for a town centre rethink?

    The future of Chesterfield town centre is a topic on many people’s minds. But what can be done? Our recent member newsletter looked at the issues at stake and proposed a perhaps radical rethink on its future. We thought we might share our ideas with you in this post. Bad news – 1 There have […]

  • Newsletters on-line

    We try to keep our members up-to-date with regular newsletters. We’ve now made available our most recent editions, plus a selection of older ones, on-line. To download these visit our ‘historic newsletters’ page. You’ll find the newsletters have an interesting mix of planning news, building histories and society news. We only publish newsletters on-line around […]

  • Ringwood Hall: a curious planning decision?

    The borough council’s planning officers have recently refused an application from the owner of the Ringwood Hall Hotel to convert a derelict kitchen garden some distance from the main house (which is grade II listed) into a spa. We find this decision a little surprising. The kitchen garden is not itself listed and the application […]

  • The scandal of Hurst House and the Chesterfield Schools Foundation

    In the past we have made repeated references to the failure of Derbyshire county council over many years properly to discharge its obligations as sole trustee of the second largest charity in Chesterfield. Unfortunately this scandal still continues, as we explain in this post. As we have previously explained, there are two unrelated issues here. […]