Time for a town centre rethink – 2

We need to give people a reason to visit our town centre.

Play areas for children (indoor and outdoor) might be one attraction. Imagine kids playing in water fountains in the summer – and asking their parents to visit the town. 

This kids play area is a fairly recent addition to Cheshire Oaks. It features in-ground trampolines, slides and climbing towers, designed and installed by Carve. Would something like this help make our town centre more of a destination? (Cheshire Oaks)

Is there a role for more leisure? Maybe a boutique cinema that offers food and drink, a greater range of food on offer. And what input can successful private sector operators have?

Nowadays many towns have adult play areas such as indoor crazy golf, bowling and interactive darts. Add in fun trails for all ages that take visitors on a tour around areas of interest and we’ve relatively easily kept a family busy for a couple of hours.

In the past did the prevalence of retail in the town centre keep out leisure activities such as this? Now there’s plenty of vacant shops!

Does there need to be a greater emphasis on encouraging festivals  and a rolling series of events? These might include film, literature, art and music. And how could the council work with potential organisers?  

The town centre artesian market appears to be a success. And we’re to have a forthcoming August music festival.  But are these, coupled with the antique and flea market, enough? And what sort of events should happen on our town centre? What happens when it’s wet?

Shopping centres such as our photos here of Cheshire Oaks, though retail and not leisure based, have created space for families. You can actually walk inside their massive Christmas tree. Are we missing a trick here?

Interested in contributing to the debate? We hope you’ll join us at our meeting on 27th February at St Thomas Church Centre, Chatsworth Road, Brampton, starting at 7.30 pm

We’re walking inside and looking up into the massive Christmas Tree at Cheshire Oaks.
The massive walk-in Christmas Tree at Cheshire Oaks. The tree is of sectionalised tubular construction, so is presumably reused every year.

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