Time for a town centre rethink – 7

How can we embrace culture in any new town centre vision?

There’s already good news on this with investment in the Pomegranate theatre and the museum, with a good range of events at the Winding Wheel. And they are all near the town centre.

To build on this could we, for example, identify three or four locations suitable for murals, encourage galleries. Maybe we need an arts officer? All agencies should be working with art community. This approach has been successful in Wirksworth, Belper and Buxton to.

It would also be good to see artisan craft makers making a home in the town centre. How can this be further encouraged and what sort of premises do they require? They could produce and sell their goods on site and create an attraction too.

And what role can tourism play? We haven’t really mentioned the existing spiritual, cultural and tourist attraction of the parish church. And we also have many quirky and attractive (though sometimes unfortunately neglected) buildings and existing open-spaces in the town centre. What do tourists need and expect in Chesterfield to enable them to visit or encourage them to stay longer?

If you’re interested in contributing to the debate, we think is needed on the future of Chesterfield town centre, we hope that you’ll join us at our meeting on 27th February at St Thomas Church Centre, Chatsworth Road, Brampton, starting at 7.30 pm. Everyone is welcome to attend (doors open 7 pm) We’ll be summarising the views expressed in response to our Facebook and website posts on this important subject. Join us in helping to start the debate.

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