Time to rethink our town centre – 3

During the last 20 – 30 years traditional creators of footfall in the town centre have disappeared. 

Chesterfield Royal and Scarsdale Hospitals have moved. Robinsons, Markham’s, the tube works and Donkins are all now gone and aren’t coming back!

Perhaps there needs to be work done to encourage major bodies such as educational institutions  and health care facilities to locate premises in the town centre to help build footfall.

The civic society thinks that more work needs to be done to grow the accommodation offer in the town centre; abroad people live above shops – here the space is empty; let’s change that.  And accommodation must be more mixed and offer high quality and be affordable – not low rent = low quality. 

And how safe do you feel in the town centre? As safe as you might do in Meadowhall? How can the street-scene be maintained, litter and graffiti controlled (especially where the latter is on privately owned buildings)?

These are perhaps more questions that need to be addressed. 

We’ll be discussing some of the questions posed in these posts and your replies at our meeting on 27th February at St Thomas Church Centre, Chatsworth Road, Brampton, starting at 7.30 pm. Please come along – everyone is welcome and admission is free.

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