Good news as repairs to historic properties commence

Although these are only minor repairs, it is good to see that work appears to have started on the former Baptist Chapel, Brewery Street wall – particularly as it’s on our ‘unloved and heritage buildings at risk’ list.

At the beginning of 2022 the boundary wall was damaged following collision with a road vehicle – it’s this on which repairs have started.

As can be seen on this image taken 20 April 2023, repairs are now in progress on the retaining wall fronting Brewery Street to the former Baptist chapel. However, on closer examination, the small porch to the left appears to have lost its roof and is open to the elements.

The building was opened in 1862. It is Grade II listed. Many may remember it as the old Chesterfield Royal Hospital’s Physiotherapy Dept.

At Brimington…

Whilst on the subject of repairs; part of the cemetery wall at Brimington, along with its decorative iron railings, has also recently been reinstated – the victim of another road accident some time ago.

The new section of stonework marks the area destroyed by the vehicle accident. All is now successfully restored. The burial ground and the lodge (to the left) were opened by the Brimington Burial Board in 1878, but are now the responsibility of the borough council. The cemetery also includes a pair of disused mortuary chapels, whose fate may be in some doubt.

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