Society responds to Borough’s budget ‘conversation’.

Chesterfield and District Civic Society has submitted its response to Chesterfield Borough Council’s budget ‘conversation’.

The Society understands that Chesterfield Borough Council needs to make service cuts, as it is predicting a £4 million budget shortfall. This is the result of the cumulative effect of reductions from central government funding, inflation, and the lingering negative impact of Covid. The initial conversation closed on 16 December.

Early on the society objected to one of the proposals – closure of the town’s visitor centre. In its official response the society has renewed its objections but suggested that if the centre closes some form of tourist and local information point should be jointly provided inside Chesterfield Central Library.

Says Society chairman Howard Borrell; ‘We have tried to take a pragmatic approach to things in our response – looking at how the overall “civic good” of the town can be maintained wherever possible. However, given some of the bleak choices being faced, this is very difficult to achieve.

‘We have been critical of certain elements of the Borough Council’s on-line budget conversation and some of its suggestions, but appreciate that the council are in financial difficulties. These are bleak times for local government across the country – with other local councils – including Derbyshire County Council – facing similar issues.’

Download the Civic Society’s response and covering letter by clicking on the button below.

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