Visitor Information Centre set to close

The Society is very disappointed at the decision to close the Chesterfield Visitor Information Centre (VIC).

The Chesterfield Visitor Information Centre is set for closure but might be transformed into part of a ‘Crooked Spire Experience’.

We feel it is not clear how the supposed ‘digital’ delivery aimed at providing information in future will actually work. It can’t, for example, replace the availability of such things as hard copy leaflets that have been available at the VIC and will exclude those who have no internet access. Additionally, no consideration appears to have been given to joint working with the county council on some form of information facility in, say, the library foyer.

We look forward to discovering what might develop out of the so-called ‘Crooked Spire Experience’ repurposing proposal, as the present building cannot become yet another vacant property.

Our thoughts are also with the staff impacted at this difficult time.

There’s coverage of the closure and of the potential ‘Crooked Spire Experience’ in the Derbyshire Times article here.

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