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  • Crow Lane closure and Chatsworth Road cycle track: local residents’ last chance to object

    Derbyshire County Council have (on 30 June) announced a consultation exercise on three aspects of their proposed east–west cycle route across Chesterfield, all of which require authorisation under secondary legislation. This is probably the last chance that local residents who disagree with these proposals will have to object. The three aspects are: (a) the closure […]

  • No news (yet) on the cycle superhighway and Crow Lane

    There is no further news about this scheme. The Ombudsman is currently investigating several related complaints from the Civic Society and individual members, one of whom has also complained to the Information Commissioner about the way his enquiries to the county councilhave been handled. Nothing more has been heard about the proposed permanent closure of […]

  • Crow Lane Re-opening Debacle

    Unfortunately the county council seem to be making a real mess of their Chesterfield East to West Cycling and Walking Route – the latest debacle is the failure to reopen Crow Lane. Whether you agree with the permanent closure of Crow Lane or not, the fact is that the county council’s powers to close it […]

  • More on the Chesterfield Cycle Super-Highway

    Earlier in 2021 Derbyshire County Council announced a plan to extend an existing cycle route through Chesterfield at either end. The Civic Society has previously objected to aspects of the proposals. In this post we revisit these proposals as the council has presented a paper to their Cabinet of 14 October recommending that the proposals […]