Crow Lane closure and Chatsworth Road cycle track: local residents’ last chance to object

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Derbyshire County Council have (on 30 June) announced a consultation exercise on three aspects of their proposed east–west cycle route across Chesterfield, all of which require authorisation under secondary legislation. This is probably the last chance that local residents who disagree with these proposals will have to object.

The three aspects are:

(a) the closure to motor traffic of Crow Lane between the entrance to Tapton golf course and Dobbin Clough Farm;

(b) a 30 mph speed limit (in place of 40 mph) on Chatsworth Road from near Holymoor Road to the start of the present 30 mph zone;

(c) the building of a reserved cycle track (on which parking will be prohibited) along the north side of Chatsworth Road (A619) from near the junction with Holymoor Road to the junction with Storrs Road and Linden Avenue.

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Download the public notices below, as published in the Derbyshire Times, 30 June 2022.

4 responses to “Crow Lane closure and Chatsworth Road cycle track: local residents’ last chance to object”

  1. Cycle Lanes in Chesterfield are a joke. Drive or walk along Hawksley Avenue, for instance. A convenient free parking zone for drivers who probably work all day in town. Not only do they park on the painted cycles lanes on both sides but, that not being good enough, some also take up the pavement as well. There’s also other streets with the same problem.
    A waste of paint. A waste of kerb stone. A waste of pavement tarmac. Just pave the entire road from side to side. Then make a 6 metre wide pedestrian/cyclist lane right down the middle lined with kerbs at each side. It can then double as an emergency vehicle route.
    I reckon that we’re at least 60 years out-of-date with cycle lanes compared with much of Europe. Not wonder we left the EU. It was clearly out of embarrassment.
    Regarding Chatsworth Road. No prob with the speed limit. What happens when the cyclist reaches Holymoor Road or Linden Avenue? Turn round and go back?
    Crow Lane: Can’t really comment.

    • Thanks for your comments. We can’t agree with them all, but have made our views known that certainly the Chatsworth Road cycle route plans are ill thought-out and that public consultation on the whole scheme has hereto been fundamentally flawed.

      We urge you to make your views known to the county council by the method explained in our special newsletter available from the website.

  2. Todays Derbyshire Times has the heading ‘Chatsworth Road not being narrowed. The cross hatching is to become the new inward car lane from Holymoor to Storrs Road. Presume that the pedestrian refuges will therefore disappear eg at Queen Mary Road. Residents from Stephenson Court will therefore have to cross from the bus stop elsewhere or likely dodge the what will be almost permanent stationary traffic queue at Storrs road lights. I made other comments about increased pollution direct to the council.

    • Thanks for your comments, some of which echo our own concerns about the practically of what is proposed. We thank you for making your comments known to the county council.

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