Public consultation issues: proposed cycle superhighway between Chatsworth Road and the Royal Hospital

The Civic Society remains concerned about certain aspects of Derbyshire County Council’s proposals for a cycle superhighway between Chatsworth Road and the Chesterfield Royal Hospital. These concerns include publicity given to the scheme, where there is anecdotal evidence that not all householders affected had been sent a notice by the council.

On 26 March 2021 the chairman of the Civic Society wrote to Derbyshire County Council asking (under the Freedom of Information Act (FoI)) to be supplied with details of the distribution of a notice, which it was understood was to be sent to all householders affected by the scheme to build a cycle ‘superhighway’ between the junction of Chatsworth Road and Holymoor Road in the west and Chesterfield Royal Hospital in the east.

The county council’s response to the FoI request has been received. You can read this by clicking on the down-load button below.

To read a fuller explanation of the Civic Society’s FoI request, together with a copy of the letter said to have been sent by the county council to local residents (listed on the council’s FoI response) click on the download below. This download also gives more details on what local residents can do to help address this issue.

If it can be shown that the county council failed to give all householders an equal opportunity to comment on the proposals, it may be possible to lay a complaint before the Local Government Ombudsman or the Secretary of State alleging that the county council has proceeded improperly in its promotion of this scheme.

Comments can be made via the Civic Society’s website or by phoning the Chairman, Philip Riden at any reasonable time on 01246 554026.

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